Ally will be your bridge of communication for all the marketing needs and will work as a personal assistant helping to reach your goals of growth and success.

Through this vision we started to implement the services listed below. And through these services you will understand why Ally will be seriously beneficial for your Business.


  • Implementing new marketing strategies and creating new solutions to enhance brand image and awareness. Our Clients will be like a persona with character, feelings, choices, aura and spirit. Just like a person who has good communications with its social environment, our restaurants will also communicate with its customers the same way. This is how we will enhance a strong brand personality by realizing good, long lasting bonds.

  • Proceeding with new presentation strategies that includes graphic works, flyers, billboard usage, interviews, celebrity involvments, magazine exposures, magazine reviews and to coordinate all other requested advertising usage will be within our duty.

  • Usage of facebook ads, website implementations, exposure in internet media and magazines, usage of all other media including promotions on twitter, working with professional phtographers and catching daily positive moments for instagram and publishing those photographs with sponsorship in instagram, implementing live broadcasting events through periscope...

  • Our team will find the best graphic minds for your logo and visual design needs. Choosing the right colors, letter fonts, brainstroming for new slogans and contents. These activities will always strengthen the speach of our restaurants.

  • To understand the restaurants brand personality is directly linked on how to create a good plan of public relations. To decide on how to speak with the customer in a delicate and effective way, is one of the most important key for their future success.

  • Accordingly, organizing special day events with various concepts will help to present thier existence to potential customer and make them feel good about the brand. Choosing new decorations for each events, making a good scene including maybe live music or dj events, offering gift offerings, and introduce them new special products in the events will always help to attract new segments of people thus enhance the target customer identity.

  • We will have a list of data base including restaurant managers, hosts, servers, delivery staff, cook chiefs, for all other employee needs, our human resources team will serve for you thus our clients will be able to form their most creative working team with good positive vibes during the working hours.

  • Ally believes that Customer relations is one of the most important element that should be taken into serious consideration. Segmentation and demographic analysis are crucial for a brand's future. Understanding the motives and characteristics of the customer will lead the owners to create better bonds. Without those bonds the customer will or might not be back. Ally will support you to build up your long-lasting relationships.

  • By following this vision, we make researches on how customers react and on what they think. We make these researches daily. By physicaly controling and inspecting our restaurants, observing customer response, noting their gestures, seeing in what level they feel comfortable and satisfied. Our team also follows internet media, read all the reviews that our restaurants receive and from each review our team think of new strategies to prevent potential mistakes that could happen in the future. In yearly basis our company will apply a written & phone survey to measure overall feedback and write reports with percentages.

  • Ally will have a strong team of research. Market research is a must for our company. To understand the market needs on the specific city and implement actions accordingly is crucial for our marketing strategy. To answer questions like: " What kind niches the market is missing?", '' What are the future innovations that could be made?", " What are and will be the main needs of customers?", "What segment of customer respond and like your brand?", "What segment of customer we couldn't be able to reach?", " What are the possible reasons for those customers not to know your brand?", " What are the possible reasons that a specific segment rejects to interact?" and updating our strategies accordingly is the key for the differentiation . Understanding customer mind is our main key as mentioned above. This is how our clients will stand up and stay alive by not being effected from the aggressive competition.

  • Very important item that should be discussed, researched and decided. Ally's financial consultancy serve to assist you. We are here to explain financial realities, threats and precautions. We make financial plans, prepare reports for future growth, gather the strategies of financial tactics. Our financial consultancy will act as a best assistant to make the perfect pricing decisions.

  • And for all other needs and questions, we work with our clients for their best interest on the specific areas of consultancy they need. Even if you come up with only a simple idea or concept and did not start anything at all in your company we are here to work with you from the beginning in every stages of your business journey. We will back you up for Location research, broker connections, city permits, contraction needs, decoration, legal matters in landlord agreements, rent proposals, budget making, strategy development and concept analysis and for all other requirements you will need to make it real; we will be your Ally.

  • Ally will strengthen your brand prescence by investing for future branches. And will research the best locations to expand, coordinate all operations including Landlord negotiations, Architecture Design procedures, construction phase, signage, opening and branch management.

  • Although Ally is founded mainly to cooperate in food business area, We as a management company are open to any other ideas and concepts from different business sectors. We might have upcoming agreements with clients that operates in areas including Drawing Design, Denim business, Artist Management and Windsurf School Summer Camps. Just contact us and let's see How our company can be your Ally and bring growth to your business.